Cashless Experience

We will be going cashless in order to make sure any cash or credit cards are not lost, transactions happen faster so queues are reduced, enabling everyone to have a better experience. Essentially, we’re Ginsanity is operating it’s own Octopus style payment method to keep things simple!


Enter the event and Load Up

The load station will be right at the entrance and should be your first stop. Head there to pick up a Ginsanity RFID card and load up money in order to purchase drinks and food at the event. You can load with cash, credit card and PayMe. We have partnered with HSBC PayMe in order to provide more cashless options as there aren’t many cash points near PMQ!

At the load station you’ll be able to pick up your $20 aluminium Ginsanity tumbler to fully enjoy all that is on offer at the event.



Enjoy the event

Go ahead and enjoy the event, don’t worry about loosing your money or having to head back to a cash point or even wait in a queue. Going cashless solves these problems and at the end of every transaction there you will be able to see you balance.

Want to plan your way around the event then take a look at all gins available here - The Gin List



Reload & cash Out

There will be mobile loading staff who you can stop to load further funds up onto your card. These mobile are only cash so if you need to load with credit card head to the main load booth at the event entrance

There will be no on site cash outs but they will be available after the event. You will need the unique ID of your RFID card to apply. There will be a small service charge applied and cash outs are only available with balances higher than $20.

You will also be able to use your balance to pick up bottles at the Bottle Kiosk at the event.