We know you have a lot of questions but hopefully below answers them all. If not, feel free to give us a nudge so we can answer your question directly.


Q: Do i need to buy a ticket for the event

A:  No, the event is completely free of charge so bring all your friends along

Q: What Gin is available?

A: There are over 30 different gin distilleries available and more than 50 types of gin to discover, try and buy

Q: Is only gin available?

A: While we are a gin festival we are running a bar which will have beer from Black Kite Brewery, wine and soft drinks.

Q: If there are no plastic cups how do I drink?

A: We want to do our part to look after the environment which is why there will be Ginsanity Cups available for everyone. These will cost a nominal $20, however if you’d like to bring your own cup we have no issues with that too!

There are water fountains to rinse your cup should you need to.

Q: When does the event start?

A: The event will start from 2pm on Saturday 8th June

Q: Do you have any food?

A: Yes of course. We will have delicious food available from Three Blind Mice, Sausage Commitment and Chicken Bar that will be available throughout. More information here

Q: Why should I come down?

A: Why not? I mean, it’s summer in Hong Kong and what better way is there than discovering, trying new craft G&Ts with friends. With live entertainment throughout it’ll be a summer’s day to remember.

Q: What is a Gin & Tonic

A: 1 part gin and 3 parts tonic. It’s a cocktail created by the dutch and made famous by the British. For more on the history of Gin take a look at our gin history here

Q: Can I buy a bottle to take home?

A: Yes though all bottles will be delivered free of charge the following week. Why? We want you to enjoy the event without having to worry about carrying a bottle of gin around during and after the event.

Q: Can I get water at the event?

A: Absolutely. We are not selling water on site but there will be free water fountains made available by our partner Life Solutions around the venue. Bring your own bottle, the Ginsanity Cup or even your own cup to make sure you stay well hydrated.