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The gin club

Treat yourself to or gift a friend their monthly gin adventure.

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by ginsnaity.

The Gin clubs brings you Hong Kong firsts. An exclusive bottle of gin (and more) every month direct to your doorstep!



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Whether you would like to join for a single month, multiple months or even a whole year we have a membership right for you. Feel free to change or cancel your membership at any time!



Every month, we select a Hong Kong exclusive or limited edition not available anywhere else. Over a year we strive to bring you Gins from all around the word



What's in the box is a surprise until it arrives, but always includes a full-size bottle of exclusive gin, our favourite tonics and a snacks

What’s in the box?

  • A Full-size bottle of exclusive Gin with tasting notes

  • Tonics and garnish to make the perfect G&T

  • A selection of sweet and savoury treats


Every gin has a great story

Meet our featured gin distilleries. We’ve gone out of our way to carefully craft unique gin experiences for your each month. Learn about their unique tastes, how they got started and most importantly how best to enjoy their craft gin.


curated tastes

Along with the fantastic gins each box will include a selection of fine tonics and tasting notes to enjoy the gin with. In addition our monthly favourite snacks will also have a place as there is nothing better than a savoury flavour alongside a fantastic gin.

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