The Perfect Gin & Tonic


According to Sipsmith (booth 3), the perfect gin and tonic is 50ml gin choice, 150ml tonic water and a lemon twist. Simple!

Actually it goes much deeper than that, finding the perfect glass is important. Any old glass won’t allow the aroma of the gin’s botanical to flourish. Finding a glass with a good opening is key, a copa or even a red wine glass is ideal. James Chase of Chase Gin (booth 18) goes further, encouraging imbibers to add the largest ice cube, you can make to the glass. The larger the cube, the less dilution, enabling for a greater palate experience.

Next, the tonic. Tonic makes up 75% of a gin and tonic; perhaps it should be renamed to tonic and gin! Most distillers recommend a neutral tonic, such as Imperdible’s Superior Italian Tonic.

A final garnish is imperative, Chase’s GB Gin is made with ginger, so James recommends a slice of ginger. Other ideas include, rosemary (Mil Gin - booth 6), cucumber, chilli or the classic lime wedge! A well matched garnish is a good opportunity to showcase one of the key botanicals in the gin’s make up.

To put the whole thing together, it is recommended to chill the glass either in the fridge/freezer or by swirling ice around the glass. Add the gin, then the tonic, top with ice and finally the garnish. Cheers!