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Sausage Commitment

Founded in late 2018 by acclaimed New Orleans-born chef Max Levy and Thai-Australian grill maestro Siam Sattayaphan, Sausage Commitment is a passion project that that celebrates the beauty of meat, fat, smoke, spices, and patience.

Since the brand’s successful launch at Clockenflap 2018, the two chefs have been producing pork sausages in four flavours that reflect their heritage, travels and experiences around Hong Kong, China and beyond. Additionally, the chefs are committed to showcasing various less-commonly-seen styles of sausages (especially Asian ones, such as the Sai Krok Isan which involves the delicate art of fermenting rice & pork) to a wider audience. 

From the smoky Andouille which Levy made and ate whilst growing up in Louisiana, to Sattayaphan’s homage to his Thai heritage via the Sai Oua (spicy fermented pork sausages from northern Thailand), every Sausage Commitment sausage tells a story. The products are also guaranteed to deliver maximum flavour: while undoubtedly tasty on its own, the boldly-flavoured sausages are actually best enjoyed when being cooked with other ingredients. The chefs recommend treating the sausages almost as a seasoning ingredient—they will add a good amount of complexity and depth of flavour to any dish. 

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