Attend Ginsanity - Try all the Gin

Make sure to talk to the individual vendors to understand exactly what it is about their gin that makes it special. Each one has its own botanicals and therefore it’s own unique twist. Be sure to try a few, don’t be shy, after all this is why you are here!



I’ve Found My Favourite!

Wonderful, now that you have found the distillery, or perhaps distilleries you enjoy most, head to the bottle shop and let our fantastic staff know so they can take your order, take your address and issue a receipt. Every bottle is available at a special Ginsanity rate.



We deliveR

So that you don’t have to carry around all the bottles you have purchased at the event, we will deliver free of charge, to your chosen address within the following week. This means you can head back into the event and enjoy the rest of your evening worry free.

Sounds good right!?